Photography Club First Meeting


This past Tuesday was my first meeting with the photography club here on campus. As a novice to the field I have very little experience compared to the students running the club. However, they really expect a lot of the people to have little or no experience whatsoever and so they begin with the absolute basics in photography. They’d explain a concept like aperture and tell us every way it affects the shot. Then after a short lecture they’d have us go off on our own for a few minutes practicing with the new techniques we just heard about. It was very informative and casual at the same time.

The only drawback I faced was the fact that I am using a film camera. Everyone else in the club had digital cameras. This makes it much more difficult for me personally to get feedback on to how my shots are turning out while practicing. But be that as it may it’s still a helpful exercise regardless. Luckily for me, a friend of mine gave me the chance to practice even more this weekend. He’s on the club rugby team here at Lehigh and their first match of the season is this upcoming Saturday. He said that they’d like to have someone photograph the game and my friend hooked me up with a nice camera to do it. Hopefully I’m not too terrible but a picture is better than no picture at all. Look for an update later next week.


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