Study Abroad Fair

Study abroad is something that most, if not all, students would like to do but few actually go and experience. For engineering students it is especially difficult but still attainable. For engineering students, studying abroad for a semester or year is seen as more challenging than going for a summer or winter term due to the course load required each semester. I personally attended the fair and browsed my options. I found a summer program to be the most appealing.


The title of the program is “Engineers Made in Germany.” It’s a six week long trip with fellow Lehigh students as well as students from Penn State. The program is run through Pforzheim University and is focused on the German automotive industry. I personally am attracted to the automotive industry so this trip had me really excited. The trip is worth 9 transferable school credits as you take 3 classes while you’re there. You take an introductory German language humanities course and two other engineering technical elective courses. And all the courses are taught in English.

But what’s really cool is that during the trip you spend a lot of time out of the classroom. There are multiple trips to assembly plants and museums as well as multi-day trips to both Berlin and Munich. All of this sounds incredible but of course it comes with a price, a big one too. For everything including airfare the trip costs around $7500 which is a lot for only 9 credits. But seeing as how you’ll be paying for these credits later on anyway you get a trip to Germany for a fraction of the cost it would be if you went on your own. So in a way it’s actually kind of a great deal. There’s an information session later this semester I’ll be attending. My roommate last year went on the trip and he said it was absolutely worth every penny.


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