Brand Reps on Campus


One of the awesome things about being a college student is that your connections and interests are super important to companies! It’s so easy to become a campus ambassador for a clothing line or relatively new company that is targeting a college age group. I have plenty of friends that rep magazines or even realtors for students just finishing college.

That being said, I have jumped on the band wagon. I’m officially a skimm’bassador for theSkimm. This is what they sent me to tell others when I need to explain it quickly.

“theSkimm is my morning addiction. It’s a daily email newsletter in your inbox 6a M-F that’s your secret weapon for the day. It breaks down all you need to stay in the know and jump into conversation—it’s smart, witty, and quick. They read, you Skimm.”

Which is definitely true, while living on a college campus it’s easy to lose yourself in the bubble. There is already plenty going on without reaching out into the outside world. theSkimm only takes a coupe of minutes to read, but is packed with relevant current information about what’s happening in the world with just enough sass to keep it interesting. 

Here’s a sample of how information is portrayed. 


Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 3.57.58 PM


And so here is my plug—if this seems interesting to you sign up for the daily email!


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