Good To Be Back

It seems like only two weeks ago that I said bye to my friends from my dorm and went back home to Boston for the summer. Summer flew by and now I’m back in action doing my thing, this time as a Mechanical Engineering major. I may have previously mentioned this last semester in the First Year Blog, but here at Lehigh, students in the Engineering school must declare their major by the end of their Freshman year in order to continue studying in the Engineering school or else they may not finish in time.

The first day back in school was pretty hectic with four classes that I had back to back. My classes are: MECH 003-Statics, Physics 21&22 (this includes the lab), Calculus III, ME 17(a programming and Excel course), and French 11. All these classes sum up to 18 credits which is the maximum number of credits one can take, unless an override is approved. So I’ve been having my hands full these past two weeks and I have to say, it has been hard adjusting to the work. Calculus, Physics, and Mechanics are my hardest classes and the homework for each class is at least 2 hours long. Yet, I hope that as the semester goes along I can better manage my time and still have fun just as I did in Freshman year. I look forward to doing different things on campus and meeting new people so that I can learn much more about the things that Lehigh has to offer.


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