Vectors Galore

This semester I am taking 6 classes: ME 17, MECH 3, MAT 33, MATH 23, PHY 21, and PHY 22. In all of these classes, with ME 17 as the exception, we are currently covering vectors. Now this doesn’t really sound like a problem to most, but for me it’s actually kind of a pain. Previously, vectors were a simple concept that was covered in the first week of PHY 11. After that I never really had any use of them.

This year however I’ve been bombarded by them. What’s more is that they’re all in 3D space as well, compared to vectors in 2D space last year. Essentially, that’s the big jump one makes from moving up to be a sophomore. All of your classes are suddenly in 3D. So needless to say I’ve been getting very good at solving vector problems. Now if only my professors could get together and decide on a single way of defining the x-y-z axes, that’d be great.


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