One Week In

It’s hard to believe that one week has already passed and that I’m well underway with my sophomore year. This one week has given me insight into how my whole year will look and, truth be told, I’m a little nervous. At 17 credits this semester and with all ME courses, this semester is going to be my most challenging yet. I’ve never had a semester where I wasn’t taking at least one humanities or social science type of class so the amount of math and science I’ll be doing will be something I’ll have to adjust to. On top of that my living conditions are different from last year too. Last year I lived in a triple dorm in Lower Cents but the layout of the room was such that I had my own private room and a private bathroom. Currently in House 104 I’ve been adjusting to sharing a smaller space with three people and also sharing a bathroom with my floor. But on a good note, I’ve been doing well so far and hope to continue this trend one week at a time.


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