Additions to the Packard Lab Lobby

Ever since they opened up the new section of Packard Lab lobby (the glass room on the right as you walk in) the shelves and the back case has been empty. Well now they are filled with pieces from throughout Lehigh University Engineering History. I will give a brief description of some of them.

fish skateboard

This is a picture of a skateboard that was built by a company founded by Mechanical Engineers from Lehigh University and it is made out of fishing pollution.

aircraft wing

This is a a piece of a wing that was designed and built here at Lehigh University. It is part of a carbon fiber aircraft that is designed to take energy from the jet stream and to fly indefinitely.

Books2 books1


circuit chips

These are circuit wafers in which Lehigh is trying to take the rigid glass technology that enables cell phones, tv’s, and MP3s and move it flexible metal foils.

drafting tools

These are drafting tools used by Lehigh Universities first PhD (Joseph Richards class of 1886).

hip replacements

These are titanium hip replacements built by Dynamet Inc.

PC Rossin

This is a biography of Peter C. Rossin whom the Lehigh University College of Engineering is named after.

sliderule2 sliderule1

These are pictures of a slide rule used at Lehigh University circa 1940.

Tau Beta Pi

These are plaques certifying Lehigh University as the Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. An international engineering honors fraternity that has their symbol as the bent (as seen below).




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