Rossin Junior Fellowship Initiation

Rossin Junior Fellows are described as students who are undergraduates that have strong academics, a dynamic personality and a willingness to serve and inspire others. I was nominated as a Rossin Junior Fellow and was chosen for the department. I think there are two other students as well for Mechanical Engineering. The induction ceremony is this Friday! 

In college you are one hundred percent responsible for how you spend your time. It’s important to get involved in many things so you are able to budget your time wisely and be productive. It seems counterintuitive but I need things to keep more productive during the day so I don’t head back to my room and take a nap or get too distracted by friends. At Lehigh I am in a sorority, but didn’t want to involve myself to heavily into the house because I already live here. I have been very excited and fortunate to find oppurtunities elsewhere at Lehigh. I am also an eco-rep and have incorporated that back into my sorority by holding the Green Chair position.

Some of the responsibilities of the Rossin Junior Fellow are meeting with perspective engineer that want more information about the school. Also meeting with and talking to freshmen who want a little bit of direction without the intimidation of meeting with a professor to talk about their future. I am really excited about this opportunity! 


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