Registering for classes

Soon it will be time to register for classes.

The registrar breaks up the registration dates by your class level (freshman, sophomore, etc.). These dates are scheduled 1-2days apart. Now the registration period starts at 7:00am, if you do not have special permission, and if you do have special permission than it starts at 6:45am. Special permission people include athletes, because they need to keep some times free for practice/games, as well as people in programs that require a lot of classes (such as CSB), because they take more classes and need to get their schedule a certain way to graduate.

A website that really helps with the process of making your schedule for next semester is called, You need to make a user account and select what college/university you are going to. Once you do this then as soon as the college/university makes the schedule for the next semester it shows up on myedu and then you can pick what classes you want to take and it shows a visual of what your week looks like. If classes conflict they overlap and you can then rearrange your schedule to make it work.This is a great tool to help you make your schedule.


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