4o’clocks are done but yet exams continue

Yesterday marked the last day of 4o’clocks. However, this does not mean that exams are all done with. As you get higher up in your major and your classes get smaller you are less likely to have a 4oclock than an in class exam. In class exams are exactly like they sound. They are exams that are in class and they work the same as a 4oclock except there is not a specified time that your exam must take place. It is up to the professor to choose when your exam is.

In class exams can be around the time of the 4oclocks, if you have 2 midterms and 1 final but they do not have to be. If a class has more exams, or the professor wants to have the exam away from the 4’oclock time, then they are not around that time. For instance, ME255 (Intro to Aerospace Engineering) a course I took last year, had 3 midterms and 1 final. This means that in order to have the exams spread out they often did not line up with the 4oclock exam dates.

One of the bad things about in class exams is that you may have multiple in one day. This can happen with 4oclocks but it is less likely. When exams line up it is on accident, no professor would purposely put two exams on the same day for you. If this happens to you the best that you can do is to go and talk to the professor about the problem. You may be able to come up with a solution. If not then you just do your best and get through it.


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