Suns Out, Guns Out!


 So this upcoming friday is the first day of Spring!!! As the snow is almost all gone, warmer days are upon us. When the days are warm, people are usually not bundled up with many of layers of clothing. Recently, I have noticed quite more people going to gym now than in January when temperatures hit below zero. A great thing about Lehigh is the fitness facilities we have here on campus, but today I want to talk about Lehigh’s Taylor Gymnasium.

The Taylor Gymnasium is home to the Lehigh Athletics Administrative and Coaches offices. It houses the  Welch Fitness Center and Racquet Sports Complex, Lane Challenge Climbing Wall, Basketball Courts, Swimming Pools, Studio (Multi-purpose room), Locker Rooms, and the Penske Lehigh Athletics Hall of Fame, the Athletics Partnership, Athletic Store, and Youth Camps/Clinics Office.

Lets take a look at what some of these look like…

Taylor Gym Facilities Overview


 Jacob’s & Morrissey Pools


Basketball Courts


Dance Studio


Wrestling Room


Lane Climbing Wall



Boxing Unit


Here’s a video tour of what the main floors at Taylor Gym look like.

So with spring and summer up ahead, and Taylor Gym just a 2-5 minute walk away from my classes, it looks like I’ll be ready for tank season! For who ever said engineers were weak and Scrawny, think again my friend!


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