ME21 First Required Mechanical Engineering Lab description

I figured in that I just did a post on ME21 (Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I), I should do a post explaining what ME21 is like.

Now from the last post some of you might be thinking, how is crushing cans related to Mechanical Engineering. Well the thing is it is not necessarily related to Mechanical Engineering but the thing is that in this class we learn many key concepts that will help us in our future careers as Mechanical Engineers. We then do labs that are not necessarily what we will be doing in our future, but we are practicing the concepts.

One of the key concepts that we have learned thus far is how to take data using a transducer. Just in case you did not read my previous post, a transducer is a device that takes in physical data, such as displacement or force, and converts it into a electrical signal. A transducer is a very key element in data acquisition because it takes data way faster than a human can, which allows us to be more accurate in our analysis of that data.

Another key concept that we are currently learning is how to use a program called LabVIEW. This is a program that is widely used in industry for data acquisition, as well as other things. It is widely used because of its simple interface. All you do is connect lines between what you want the data to input, how the data is to be analyzed and then to the output (I am simplifying it a little bit because it does take thought as to how the data should be modified but the idea behind it is simple).

We have learned many other things in this class but those are some of the key points thus far.

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