MechE Cutie: Kaitlin Slattery


Meet Kaitlin Slattery! A senior MechE here at Lehigh. If there’s something Kaitlin intends to do, there is little way of stopping her. As former president of her sorority and current PanHellenic president she always has a lot on her plate, but never seems flustered.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite food: Pizza!

Favorite class at Lehigh: Math 322 because Salathe is awesome

Least favorite class and why: Dynamics probably..

Favorite teacher so far: Webb

Dream Job: I’ve accepted a job with Con Edison for the GOLD program which I’ll be starting in June, so I’m pretty psyched about that. My dream job though would probably be to go into energy policy… we need more engineers in politics!

Campus Activities: These four years I’ve been very involved in Greek life. I served as Alpha Phi President in 2012, and am currently serving as the Panhellenic Council President at Lehigh. Through this I’ve had many opportunities to work with other groups on campus and to volunteer in Bethlehem.

Past Internships: The summer going into my sophomore year I interned at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals as a Technical Operations Intern. This past summer I worked at GE Transportation as a Locomotive Systems Engineer Intern.

How you spend your free time: When I’m not in Fairmart you can probably find me hanging out with my friends.

Favorite Memory at Lehigh: This is a tough one… Probably St. Patrick’s day weekend of my sophomore year, the same weekend when Lehigh beat Duke. Saturday we celebrated St. Patty’s day properly, and then Sunday morning I road tripped to North Carolina with a bunch of Alpha Phi girls to watch Lehigh play the second game. We were treated like celebrities in North Carolina by all the UNC fans, it was awesome!

Advice for freshmen or perspective students: Don’t cut class, it’s a bad habit, and try not to abuse cramster when it comes to doing your homework. Make sure you get involved on campus and take a leadership role! Being President of my sorority and President of the Panhellenic Council has taught me invaluable skills that I would never have been able to learn in my classes.


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