Location of Lehigh

So Friday for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I went into Philly which on the car ride there, I was thinking about the proximity of Lehigh to Philly. I think Lehigh is in a great location because you can travel to NYC, Philly, Baltimore or DC if you want to. Obviously, DC is a little farther than NYC or Philly, but I have friends who have traveled to Baltimore or DC for the afternoon/early evening and then come back to Lehigh later that night. One of my friend’s clubs decided they wanted to go to Baltimore for crabs, so they made a trip out of it. There are great things to do in the Lehigh Valley, but I also like that we can venture out of it but not have to drive too far. My boyfriend and I have gone multiple times to Philly, which I think is really fun because I hadn’t been to Philadelphia before college. So it’s fun to explore, whether it be going to a show, going to see historical stuff or going to a pottery class which is what we did Friday. If anyone is in the Old City part of Philly, there’a  great Italian restaurant we went to LaScala’s. In the warmer weather, Lehigh is really close to Dorney Park which is an amusement park that also has a water park. It’s probably like a 20-30 minute drive away so it’s not bad at all. 


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