ME 240 Matchbox Car Project

So I don’t remember if I’ve spoken much about this before so I’ll give a little summary of it before I give my update on it. So one of the major projects of the ME 240 (Manufacturing) course is making a matchbox car. The mechanical engineers gather into groups of 2 or 3 and then we go to Broughal Middle School and pair up with 2 8th graders. The 8th graders get to pick the design for the car, come to the school to see us 3D model the car and then when it’s done they paint them. The last day of school, we set up a track in front of Packard lab, the main engineering building, and we race the cars. Today my team went to Broughal to meet our students. We were given 2 boys, John and Matt, and they showed us their design. They have come up with the idea of having a Spongebob car. So the car will be rectangular and basically just Spongebob’s face. My team seems to have gotten really lucky in that regard. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a hard car to model at all. The students were very nice and surprisingly, weren’t very picky. They were open to whatever we suggested and one of them pointed out that they really didn’t want to make our lives too complicated so they were open to anything. Which I found really impressive that they were being so considerate. Obviously, we’ll want to make the best car we can, but I appreciated that they thought of how much work we have to do to begin with, so they cared. I think it’s going to be great working with them and I look forward to see where this goes.


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