Safety on Campus

As a girl, there have been a few times parents have asked me how safe is campus (mainly dad’s of girls on the tour). So around campus like most other campuses, we have the blue light system. The blue light system is basically these polls that have, obviously, blue lights on top of them and then a button you can press that will connect you to the police. In addition to that, we have a service called TRACS (take a ride around campus safely) which runs at night around the campus so if you feel unsafe coming back from the library late at night, you can take that. We also have an escort service so if it’s after a point that TRACS is running, you can call the LUPD and they’ll send a police officer to walk with you wherever you need to go. Personally, I feel pretty safe around campus. Since I come from NYC, I’m generally aware of my surroundings but besides that, I feel comfortable walking around campus at night. Freshmen year, my boyfriend tore a tendon and ligaments so he was in a walking boot for the semester and couldn’t get around on the mountain very easily. He lived in Lower Cents and I lived in M&M which are pretty far apart, so there were a lot of times that I would walk back at night from his dorm by myself. At first I was pretty nervous, but eventually I felt comfortable doing it because I knew that our campus was safe.


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