Moreeee Snow

This has been one of the oddest winters I’ve had here at Lehigh.  We’ve never had so much snow!  Ever since this semester has started we’ve had a consistent layering of snow and ice.  We’ve even had days off of class because of it!  Which NEVER happens here!  Snow days are fun and all, but they really throw things off with classes and scheduling.  Lehigh does a great job of clearing the streets and sidewalks to get around, but I’m ready for a break from all this winter weather.  And with the latest forecast calling for another 4-8 inches of snow on Thursday, I’m starting to think my snow boots are my actual shoes!  The campus is beautiful when it snows though, the other day some kids made a snow sculpture of the UC on the front lawn!  And about 50 feet from that was a 10 foot tall snow man!  The winter can definitely be a fun time, but I’m ready for some flip flop weather.


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