Engineering tour

So yesterday I gave an engineering tour, which we have engineering tours twice a week on Mondays and Fridays at 1pm. The tour runs about an hour and we visit Packard Lab which is home to mechanical, electrical and computer engineers.  It is the closest engineering building and every engineer has classes in it at some point or another so it’s a popular building. Twice a year we run specialty tours which consists of two days and the days are broken down by a few of the majors each day. So if you were interested in seeing the buildings that civil engineers work in or bio engineers work in, etc, you could visit on those days to get a better sense of those majors. I would recommend going on the engineering tours, if for nothing else to get to talk to the Lehigh students. I know that’s what helped me make the decision when I was applying to colleges. I went on one of the engineering tours and there were students in one of the labs I was in so I started talking to them. I was intimidated when I was considering persuing engineering thinking I wasn’t smart enough to be an engineer. I had in my mind that engineers were these super smart geniuses and I didn’t know if I would be able to handle it. After talking to some of them, I realized they were just students like me. You didn’t have to be a super genius to be an engineer. So that’s what really won me over for Lehigh, and that’s why I would suggest going on a tour if you can.


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