Things I don’t hate: 8am classes



On Tuesdays and Thursdays there are the dreaded seven fifty five classes that truly sound miserable because they start so early and then last about an hour and a half. I have an eight am on Monday and Wednesday and so far I don’t hate it. The class is a good reason to force myself into bed at a reasonable hour and wake me up at a nice hour. Getting out of bed at seven twenty this semester isn’t nearly as painful as getting out of bed at nine something last semester. 

Waking up earlier had lead me to be more organized the night before. Because my roommate is still fast asleep at seven thirty in the morning I pack my bag the night before and set out my clothes. The class itself is also ME 196 which isn’t incredibly taxing in the morning. It’s a class teaching engineering skills in excel and matlab. 


After the my eight am I have two hours to polish off any homework from the night before and blog. I think it has worked out well!


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