These past few weeks we’ve been getting a lot of snow at Lehigh. On Tuesday they cancelled class after noon which was nice, I had my manufacturing lab cancelled but it was nice to go home to relax a little bit. I actually used a decent bit of my time catching up on work I had to do but I did get to relax and hang out with my friends for a bit. I had a movie night with my roommates and boyfriend and we fittingly watched Frozen. With all this snow lately, it has reminded me of last year. Last year during finals, we had a snowstorm. During finals week, we didn’t have classes to cancel but we did have a lot of studying to do. So last year I lived in Brodhead, a sophomore residence hall, and on each floor there’s a study room. I was studying for whatever class at the time when some friends from my class busted and said I had to come out for a snowball fight. I originally told them I couldn’t because I had so much studying to do, but as I started to see people gather in the hallway, I figured, you know what? Why not? What am I really going to remember in 10 years? The night I went out and had a snowball fight with everyone from my hall or the night I stayed in and studied? So I went and it was a blast. We went out onto the front lawn of the UC and ha d a snowball fight. While there, other students gathered and eventually someone said to someone who said to someone that we had to go sledding on the hill by Zoellner. Most of us didn’t have sleds, but we found other things to make due. Below is what became of that night. I could’t tell you what test I was studying for and I couldn’t tell you what I got on that test or in that class in the end, but I can tell you I don’t regret leaving my books behind that night. I’m the one in the black jacket hugging my roommate in the white jacket.


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