Co-op process

I have recently started the co-op process and I thought that I might take you all along with me for the journey. For those of you who do not know what the Co-op program is, it is basically 2 paid internships with a company that occur during the fall of your junior year and during the summer of your senior year. Now to make up for the classes that you would miss during the fall of your junior year you take them over the summer, between your sophomore and junior years.

Last semester (Fall 2013) we had an information session for the Co-op program. In this session Nicholas Praedin, a head of the Co-op program, talked to us about the program and all of the benefits of being a part of it. We also were able to ask questions to other students that had gone through the Co-op process before.

On the first day of classes this semester (Spring 2014) we had basically the same information session except that we were told the companies that are involved, at least up until that point, in the program. Then we had to hand in a contract by Friday of last week (1/17/2014) saying that we are going to be apart of the Co-op process.

From then till now we have had to be applying for Co-ops with companies, that sound interesting to us, on LUCIE, which is the career services website for job, internship, and Co-op postings. I also have applied for a Co-op with a company outside of LUCIE. This is ok and you will get credit for your Co-op as long as it aligns with Lehigh’s per-existing program. When you apply your resume is sent to the companies and it is a good idea to have a cover letter along with your resume.

That brings you up to speed with the Co-op process and I will post more things about the Co-op process as they occur.


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