This past week, I began my senior capstone project. Every engineering college accredited by ABET is required to have senior design projects for their students before they graduate. At Lehigh for mechanical engineers, bioengineers, and material sciences, we have a course called IPD. IPD stands for Integrated Product Development. For this project, companies come to Lehigh with problems and basically we get put onto teams of different types of engineers, as well as, a supply chain management and maybe a design major to solve this problem. This year a bunch of different companies came to Lehigh, such as Dresser Rand, Ingersoll Rand, BBraun, TE Connectivity, Johnson & Johnson, as well as, student startup companies.  Last week, we met with the sponsors, they told us about their projects and we got to pick six projects that we would want to work on.

I got put on a team of 2 other mechanical engineers, a material science major and a supply chain management. We will be working with Dresser Rand for this semester and next semester. I can’t discuss what exactly we’ll be working on because it is supposed to be confidential but I can say that it has to do with 3D printing. Which that will be interesting for me because last summer I worked with the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies here at Lehigh doing research that involved 3D printing.



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