The Wise Fool

I am half way through my second year and have learned many things along my career so far at Lehigh. A second year student is formally known as a sophomore and according to Folk etymology indicates that the word means “wise fool”. It is widely assumed to be formed from Greek “sophos“, meaning “wise”, and “moros” meaning “foolish”.

Having some experience being a sophomore I have realized that this is mostly true, at least for my case. Why may that be? Lets take a look at some of my mistakes I made my last semester.

1. I took TOO MANY credits thinking it wouldn’t be as bad as other thought and I thought I would be able to handle the load.

2. I believed that I could still sleep late almost every night (like 3-4 am) and not suffer the consequences the following day.

3. I thought it would be okay missing classes as long as I read the textbook and used the weekend to catch up.

4. Cramming for exams doesn’t work anymore as it once did in the past.

5. Life requires a balance, it just can’t be all about classes and textbooks.

6. I am not as young as I thought I was, TIME FLIES!

The important thing for me is that I didn’t suffer as much as others did. Many of us (sophomores) were thinking we had everything under control when in fact many of us of didn’t. I have definitely grown since my arrival here at Lehigh in the fall and I am working this semester on fixing every mistake I made last semester because I have come to the realization that the more I think I know, the less I actually know.

I mean, that’s what growing up and maturing is all about: Learning from our mistakes and others mistakes so that they don’t ever happen again.



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