BrodHead Dinning Hall Facilities

There is a persistent rumor going around that Brodhead Dinning Hall food is not great. I would like to say that it is NOT bad. Brodhead dinning hall food is no worse than any other dinning hall facility at Lehigh.

More than likely, all of the dinning halls will have at some point food that you do not think would be very appetizing. It just comes with the fact that since peoples tastes differ you will might not like the food they serve sometimes. Since Brodhead dinning hall is smaller than the other dinning halls, because it is only designed to feed Brodhead residents, it has a higher likelihood to have food that does not look/sound as appetizing. However you can over come this by just widening your horizons and trying new food.

For instance, the other day at dinner there was a noodle piece that I was not sure whether I would like it. However, I took a little bit of it to try and see how it was. I tried it, ended up really liking it and went back to get more.

Brodhead dinning hall makes up for its small size and small amount of options for food by being in the building and having it only majorly assessable to Brodhead residence. I can not tell you how amazing it is to have a dinning hall in your own building. If is nasty outside you do not have to go outside to get food, it is right in your building. It is also nice that it is right there because then it majorly cuts down on the time to go to and from the dinning hall. I personally live on the top floor of Brodhead (6th floor) and it only takes me about 2 minutes to walk down to the dinning hall and about the same amount of time to walk back up. This is amazing because if you have a lot of work to do you can go down, eat dinner and be back in your room working in about 30minutes.

Since it is really only assessable to Brodhead residence, because you need a Brodhead swipe to get into the building, it is rarely ever crowded in there and I have never seen it as busy as some of the other dinning halls. It is nice to be able to not have to rush around people when you are getting a meal and once you get your meal you can enjoy it without all of the fuss and noise of many people around you.

Here are some pictures I took of the Brodhead dinning hall:

Brodhead dinning hall entrance

Brodhead dinning hall eating area


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