Specialize Specialize Specialize


It starts in kindergarten, “When you grow up what do you want to be”? I think I answered; a ballerina, a doctor, a lawyer. It’s a completely unfair question to ask a 6 year old, actually it still frustrates me when people ask because I don’t know. A better question is, “What do you love doing”? I had no idea what I wanted to do when I little. I still don’t. During a meeting with my adviser, he asked if I had a minor. I didn’t. But sometimes, Lehigh really gives you nudge that interests you. In Eco 1, Professor Gunter had Professor Costa speak about entrepreneurship. He runs the Entrepreneurial minor. What has always attracted me to engineering is problem solving and creating; the same things that an entrepreneur does. 

So next semester, I’ll start a path to being a MechE with an Entrepreneurial minor. I’m hoping to develop more specialized interests, to help me find a job I love when I graduate from Lehigh. 


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