ME196 a odd but fun class

Me196 (Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering) has to be one of the weirder classes that I have taken at Lehigh. It is taught by a professor in Florida who has a website specifically for the course and who uploads videos for us to watch and exercises for us to do. We have “recitation” 2 times a week were TA’s help us learn how to use the programs.

It may be weird how the class is taught but it is very cool also. It is nice to be able to watch a video online, learn things when ever you want and not have to go to a lecture. Also, it is nice that you can go back and watch old videos in case you forgot how to do something. You can not do that in a lecture.

I also enjoy the content that we learn in ME196.  In this class we learn about how to use Excel and Matlab as a Mechanical Engineer. I enjoy the content because I got to learn how to use functions on Excel that I had never even heard of and I am currently learning about how to use Matlab as a Mechanical Engineer. We did learn how to use Matlab in Engineering 97 but that was learning Matlab for all engineering majors and not just Mechanical Engineering Majors specifically.


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