Freshman year others were impressed that I had declared a major by second semester. This year, while friends in arts and sciences are just declaring their majors, I’m being asked what do you want to do when you get out of school? I don’t know. Something that makes me happy? Anything that pays me?


Registration for next semester is right around the corner and fortunately my classes are still regimented. I met with my advisor this morning Professor Hart and decided on ME 196, Physics 21 (with lab), Mech 12 (thermodynamics), ME 104 and a psych class.

Part of my graduations requirements are to have “depth and breadth” in other topics at Lehigh. I took intro to Psych last semester and found it interesting. The depth part of the requirement is to have at least 8 credits in one are and then 3 more in a different study at Lehigh. My other intended course outside of the engineering school will probably be a Women’s Studies class. Something far outside what is considered “engineering” because I am also interested in taking advantage of all that college is and learning from professors that I won’t have access to after I graduate.


So end of story next tuesday I will be up at 7am trying to register for classes. 


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