visiting lab

this week i visited professor Zhang’s lab which is on the mountain top Iacocca hall. professor Zhang has been teaching me ME 104 since beginning of this semester, i always stay after class asking him some questions on the homework. then he told me that he is right now doing researches on bio-mechanical and invited me to visit his lab if i am interested in his researches. at first i was a little hesitated since my major is pure mechanical that i have very little knowledge about biology. the last time i took biology class is more than three years ago and that one was simply elementary. but since i am really curious how biology is related to mechanical and i really want to know what research is , i took school bus to his lab this wednesday. there i met his graduate students who answered me a lot of questions about the graduate school, jobs and mostly importantly what they are doing in this lab. he has four graduate students doing research with he, surprisingly, they told me that only one of the four is really majoring in biology engineering and the rest of them are all mechanical major. that really puzzled me if they are majoring mechanical, how can they do the research on biology. this question was then answered. as one of them told me that they just need to understand the cells they are studying right now. and doing research in biology is nothing different from other thing that they are using the same mechanical method to analyze the forces, the only difference is the thing they are analyzing is the cells. it is just changing the object you are studying, but you are still using the same methods, equation. so mechanical engineering can work in any field of engineering, and this major was once the most welcomed.


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