Why are you in this class?


Today in my eleven o’clock lecture, I was prepared the for the usual lecture. I listen distractedly to the professor making sure I fill in the appropriate blanks in my slides to study later and running through the work I need to get done in the next couple of hours. My Professor, Professor Watanabe, is in Belgium for the week and there was a substitute running the class.

The class is an introductory level class to Material Science, which is useful for mechanical engineers, but only a small portion of the mechanical engineering curriculum. When I first came to Lehigh I felt pressured to pursue Material Science Engineering, but I thought it was upcoming and where the most technological advances were being made. Mechanical Engineering was the field for me, however.

On the first day of class Watanabe had asked to get a sense of what fields people were pursuing in the class. He laughed after calling out Mechanical Engineering, and said “You’re the ones who will have trouble.” (The midterm is on Wednesday, so I hope to prove him wrong.”

Today in Class the substitute Professor stopped and said… This is really important, Mechanical Engineers this is why you are in this class right now. It was a slide about deformation, and particularly about ductile versus brittle failure. I personally find things breaking incredibly interesting. So, it was refreshing to have a professor reaffirm that I found the right major. When I graduate college, I will, hopefully, be designing and assessing things and why they work are don’t. Potentially looking at whether it was a ductile or brittle failure.


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