After the first exam

finally i finished all my exams. from the exams i have found how the courses really are. as the mech 12, i thought the exam should be very hard because when i was taking mech 3, the average was always lower than 60s, but in fact it is not that hard at all. on the quiz, there are a lot of crucial equation provided so there is no need to memorize the equations. and in order to save our time, professor told us not to simplify the answer and just leave it no matter how complicate it is. this makes the exam much easier for us. and for the mech 104, it is also very basic concepts that just as the professor said if you get the mini quiz, you will be fine on the exam. the only difference is on the mini quiz we are given the data we need to do the question, while on the exam we are given a booklet of the tables to look up the datas we need. we can see looking up datas is a very important skill we need to learn from this course. for me 010, a graphing course, even though we use graphing software, idea, to do most of our homework, for the mini quiz and exam, we still have the traditional paper quiz. and for this exam everyone is doing pretty well and the average is pretty high. Easy exam is good to handle but hard to stand out. And pro said there will only be 2-3 As given in each section, so even though we think we do pretty well in this class we won’t get a high GPA unless we are really the top student. For me 196, we have in class exam. This exam just took something important from the homework so if we understand the homework, it is easy to get high grade on the exam. So after the first exam, I know how hard the courses exactly are to get good grades and have a basic plan to work harder.


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