mech12 report

For mech 12, we need to finish two projects, and the first one is due last Friday. The project has three parts, the first part is to make a flow chart about the question. It is like before you start writing an essay, you need to have the basic ideal flowing in your mind, and the steps you plan to do. then, for the second part of the project, it is to do the hand calculation so that we can look into the detail from the general flowchart. of course, we are only asked to compute one step which is simple but give you the idea of the whole project. for the last part, we need to program our method in the MATLAB so that we can have the computer to do the calculation which is very complicate and can only be done by the computer. with the data MATLAB found out, we plot five charts comparing the datas, find out the relations and tendencies. of course, we have the answer of the 2nd part hand calculation to make sure that our program is functioning well. at last, it is the project report which weight as much as the programming code that you can see this report is also very important. in this report, the professor wants us to do like a professional engineer who needs to sell his ideal. so in this report, we need to simply state the method, the problem and what we found from the result data and graphs. the important thing for the report is not the results which can be done by the computer, but what we can see from the result which requires the real thinking.node-vs-sigma-Ecnode-vs-sigma-Ec


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