ME 10

Mechanical Engineering has a very diverse set of job opportunities. There are many directions to go. Everything from failure analysis to modelling. Often, more specified engineers can be replaced by Mechanical Engineers because the required material for MechE during college is so through.

ME 10 is an introductory level class to computer modeling. My teacher, Dr. Ozsoy, impressed to us that the class was more than learning how to effectively use a computer modeling program, but also to be able to present the information in a correct way. He took time in class yesterday to show an email from an important executive at an important company. (Unfortunately, I don’t remember who it was or the company he worked from.) The email applauded Dr. Ozsoy for his syllabus, and that his material was comprehensive to the basic skills a young engineer should have from college.

I like this class because the learning is tangible. Although, sitting in the CAD lab learning through trial and error is frustrating–having a clean, organized report at the end is satisfying. It’s the one homework that I show to everyone that cares or doesn’t after I have finished.



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