Mechanical Engineering-Great Major

The year started more than a month ago, so the classes have taken their usual pace. I am becoming more and more convinced that Mechanical Engineering was the right choice for my major. The thing is that not all ME classes are very interrelated; however every single one of them gives us a different opportunity for our future career. Professors who teach these classes, are generally not that young, but that is not a downside. Actually, I would even say it is good, because they have more experience in the field.

The other day there was a career fair on Goodman Campus, and there were a lot of companies recruiting different engineers, business students etc. A lot of the companies who were recruiting engineers, are looking for smart engineers, and among the different fields of engineering, Mechanical is one of the most desired. There were a lot of ME undergraduate and graduate students there, which once again proves that Mechanical Engineers are very demanded.



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