Solar System Walk on Memorial Drive

On my way to running club earlier this past week I stumbled upon these chalk drawings of the planets. According to the start of the Solar System walk (see the first picture) the astronomy club drew them to scale the distances between the planets. The walk starts at about Taylor Gym and goes to the flag pole on the front lawn (that is approximately .20 of a mile, or .30 of a kilometer) .

What I find is the most interesting thing is that with this scale of the solar system the next nearest star would be 1,342 miles away (see the last picture). To put that in perspective that would put you about halfway across the continental United States before you found the next star. It is amazing to think about how small you really are with respect to the size of the cosmos!!photo 3photo 2photo 1photo 1(1) photo 2(1)photo 3(1)photo 4photo 1(2)    photo 2(2)photo 3(2) photo 1(3)photo 2(3)


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