Professor Hart

Professor Hart is a great professor, at least for the ME 255 (Introduction to Aerospace Engineering) course. He explains the course content very well and is very excited to teach other people about Aerospace Engineering. He is very knowledgeable about many things in Aerospace and he is always able to give a real world example of a subject and excite the class with stories from his time in the air force. Also, outside of class he is very willing to help you with homework problems.

In ME 255, we have an exam this Friday and Professor Hart has made the exam open notes and open book. That may mean that the exam will be harder, but it at least saves you from having to memorize many of the formulas.

If you have any interest in airplanes or spacecraft, I would highly recommend taking the ME 255 class. It is hard but Professor Hart is willing to help and he also makes it a fun class.


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