In a sudden, it is already three weeks after this new semester, and I finally realize how the sophomore life is different from freshman. My roommate has been complaining about the endless homework since the beginning while I just started to feel the tension last week. In fact, my plan for this semester is to have a easy schedule so that I can have some more time to do something else, like join some club, but this plan doesn’t go so well. I have only 14credits, 5 courses this semester, 4 of the 5 courses are mechanic related, and I want to start with ME104, thermodynamic. I always think I am pretty good at thermo when I was learning physics, but this course really troubled me. It looks like physics, but is more complicate. First, we need to watch out the units. I learned unit conversion when I was in elementary school, but in 104 homework, I keep making mistakes in this part. The units are separated into two systems, metric SI (international system of unit) system and English system. For length, we have foot and meter, for mass, we have kg and lb, it may look simple, but when you look at the unit of R which four simple units combined。Image

as you can see from it, how complicate it will be if we want to convert R from English unit to SI, and there are some other units.

whats more, in 104, we need to get data from the tables and graphs, it seems simple, but I will tell you there are more than 100-page tables in the book. Image

These tables look similar, and easily confuse you, at beginning it takes some time to decide which table we are asked to use, like this table provide you the data for saturated water, so if you are given data of compressed or superheated water, it will be wrong to look for the answer from this table.ImageImage

this two graphs are actually one, as you can see one is general, another is more precise and provide you more precise information. And that is so far I have learned about ME104


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