ME10 NX Ideas

Among the many things that we are learning in ME10 is how to use a software program called NX Ideas. It is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program that allows you to create objects in 3d.

Using this software you can create many different parts and then combine them into one assembly. This assembly type can be seen in the picture below..


I find it very fun to be able to create 3d parts on a computer because in the future, as a Mechanical Engineer, I will have to be using 3d design software like NX Ideas to create parts.


One thought on “ME10 NX Ideas

  1. Why people calling to UG(unigraphics) software by i-deas nx software (SDRC) name ? its too confusion while giving interviews in mechanical engineering field. some peoples are calling UG (siemens) software as i-deas nx. I can use I-deas which is shown in above pic. is I-deas software.

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