How to eat an elephant!

        A year passed by within a blink of an eye as I now enter my sophomore year in college. During my freshman year I learned many habits that have been very helpful to my success here at Lehigh which vary from computer programming to study habits. I am majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in aerospace as I intend to have a career in the aerospace industry. Even though I am only a second year student, I have already declared my major (Since Lehigh is one of few school that require freshman to declare their major by the end of their spring semester).  I currently have a full schedule of 18 credits in which I am  taking courses such as Into to Aerospace Engineering, Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics, and Differential Equations with Linear Algebra. I am also part of the Aerospace Club here at Lehigh where we build and fly model aircraft and model rockets. To top everything off, I am also doing research with a graduate student who graduated this past spring from Lehigh and got hired by NASA. He is currently doing part of his rotation here at Lehigh where part of his research that I am helping him with is with some basic control systems by developing a semi-autopilot system for RC plane to maintain level flight. So I know that I currently have a lot on my plate but I am excited just to see all that I can learn and all that I can accomplish this semester. I am willing to forth the effort with all these hard tasks; it’s almost like having to eat an elephant.

 So how do you eat an elephant??

One bite at a time 🙂


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