Departments within Mechanical Engineering



I enjoyed Freshman year, but when Summer break came it was very welcomed. However, of course, like the school year, the Summer dragged on by the end as well. I was anxious to come back to school. While at home, I had a part time job at an artisanal olive oil and balsamic vinegar store. Often, I was asked if I was a college student, where I went to school, and what I was studying. Coworkers responded before I had the chance with, “She’s one of those smart kids. She’s an engineer.” It was flattering, but I would laugh, bat the compliment away and explain that I go to Lehigh and I’m planning on being a Mechanical Engineer. (Following the foot steps of both my father and brother.) After being back to school for a couple of weeks, I would love to go back and accept the compliment, because it’s not that you have to be exceptionally intelligent to be an engineer but the workload has been intense. With written homework due every day and quizzes filling the end of my week the library has become my home. I enjoy the structure of school and find classes interesting, but miss the lazy nights of summer.

Another common question this Summer was “what do you want to do when you graduate”? At 19 some friends from home who didn’t choose to go to college have already settled into apartments and have essentially started their lives. I’m a still a student and have the student mentality of real life being the distant future. I didn’t have an answer this Summer. I’d usually respond after a long pause with, “Well, I don’t really know yet. I just finished all of the introductory courses. I haven’t done anything specialized yet.” As this semester has started the classes I am taking are more specialized to a Mechanical Engineering. Mech 3 is a Statics class, ME 10 is an engineering design class, MAT 33 is an introduction to Material Science. Out of these three ME 10 is what I have found particularly interesting so far.


The class is an introduction to CAD. The exploration of the program NX-Ideas has been minimal and the focus has been on picturing three dimensional objects drawn on paper. This weeks assignment involves learning the formal names of parts on objects in order to have the ability to reference them  Other students I have talked to said they disliked the class because the of the design part, but I think I see myself interested in the designing aspects of Mechanical Engineering.


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