Mechanical Engineering Lab 1

This semester, one of the classes I am taking is ME 21, which is the first of three labs Mechanical Engineers take. In this class, we learn about the different instruments and techniques Mechanical Engineers use to make calculations when creating something or making an observation.

My lab schedule is Tuesdays, from 1:10-2. During this time, I work with two other people in the 6 person lab class to do experiments that lead to a better understanding of tools and techniques. Last week, the first lab consisted of using a Hardness Tester to determine the hardness of a piece of metal. We had to take several data points and then find the standard deviation to determine the statistical hardness of the specimen. The second experiment in the same lab period consisted of my group using calipers to determine the volume of a given brick that had a circular hole in the middle. We had to find the standard deviation in the measurements of this as well, and then we proceeded to determining the volume and the error in the calculation.

The reason I am so excited about this lab is that this is the first time I was exposed to such tools. Never in my life had I ever used a caliper, let alone a Hardness tester. This may be pretty surprising seeing as how I am already past almost half of my mechanical engineering degree, but none the less, I am happy with my experience. I am very excited to see the other things that this course holds.


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