Finite Element Method Analysis

One of the most interesting things about being a mechanical engineer is getting hands on experience with solving real world problems. In one of my classes, MECH 12, we were assigned to do a project to determine displacements and stresses in the figure shown below.

In this project, we had to write a MATLAB program determining stresses and displacements caused by a force acting on the “b” side of the object, with the “a” side fixed on a wall. The program had to be able to calculate stresses for the object for different materials (such as a tapered cone exposed to radiation).

Since I am an IDEAS major, I had never worked with MATLAB before in my life. The professor was really helpful in putting up bits and pieces of sample code so that students could learn the syntax and not be at a disadvantage to students who had been exposed to MATLAB before. The professor was also very willing to help with flexible office hours and great feedback.

If anyone wants to take a look at the program that I made, feel free to message me!


One thought on “Finite Element Method Analysis

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